Sheila Airo

 Sheila Airo is a certified Integrative Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, detoxification and eating disorders. Entrusted by well-respected doctors and their patients, Sheila recently completed a mentorship program led by Naturopathic Doctors, obtaining a certification in Emotional Eating and Eating with Mood Disorders. She is trained and certified to use labs when necessary, that seek to identify healing opportunities. She also works with clients with chronic conditions and believes that, given the proper balance of lifestyle and nutrition, the body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Sheila’s previous health issues have become her testimony and passion for this work. She does not believe in just treating symptoms, but getting to the root cause of an issue. Sheila has designed and conducted health and wellness seminars in New York City and Long Island, and has been a guest speaker on Healthline Radio multiple times.

Sheila also has a wide range of expertise in the fitness industry. She is a certified Pilates and Fitness instructor with a degree in Health Education. She has been helping people achieve their fitness goals for over twenty years. As an avid marathon runner and soccer player, she understands the importance of a strong mind-body connection, combined with a healthy lifestyle, in order to achieve optimal wellness from the inside out!

Sheila enjoys skiing, hiking and paddle boarding with her husband and French Bulldog, Winston. She is passionate about helping people increase performance in all areas of their life, as well as striving to be her best self every day.



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