Our Story

We have been in the fitness and nutrition space for over two decades, working with thousands of diverse clients.
The idea for One Love Remedy came to us one afternoon after teaching back-to-back Pilates and TRX classes. We were tired, hungry, and in need of something healthy to keep us going. As holistic nutritionists, neither of us wanted to sacrifice our personal commitment to health by grabbing just any bar ... so we decided to make our own.
That day, two years ago, we came up with our first recipe and over time it evolved into One Love Remedy - a bar made solely from pure, organic, simple ingredients.
It is guilt-free, delicious and a great source of energy and focus. Now we can get through a jammed packed day with the on-the-go nutrition that One Love Remedy provides and want to share the love with you!

Share the Remedy.
Spread the Love.

- Ellen Nalaboff and Sheila Airo
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