Why We Should Stretch Everyday

Athletes and gymnasts come to mind when the word ‘stretching’ comes across the conscious. Of course, they are about to indulge themselves in a physical activity which requires muscle work; therefore, warming up their muscles before using them makes absolute sense. When you think about it, we all use our muscles every day just by performing regular chores and duties required to survive in life; but why isn’t everyone stretching every day to make sure our bodies are functioning correctly?

Stretching is neglected by people because they think this task is not as important as some of the other ones in life. Yes, the dishes can pile up and so can the laundry basket and if we don’t get to them, we will fall behind on other priorities in life. Completely understandable. But if we don’t stretch every day to prepare our muscles for the work that they have to do every single day, then our body can fall behind on health and age-limit, and those are the last two things we want for our body.

Benefits of Stretching

When it comes to stretching, there’s no need to spend a long time on it unless you are about to go play a sport or go on a run. To start the day, regular and minimal stretching can go a long way. By doing so, we increase our body’s flexibility which affects our overall health and makes it easier for us to perform our everyday duties.

By stretching every day, we also increase our range of motion which can be very beneficial for many different activities. For example, if a snowboarder has trouble bending down to fix their bindings while standing up, after a couple weeks of consistent stretching they would be able to perform that action with ease, as their body would then be more flexible and have increased range of motion.

Bodily Functions

The benefits of stretching extend beyond warming up our muscles and increased mobility. Alongside such perks, a daily routine of stretching is known to improve blood circulation to the muscles, which promotes faster muscle recovery and less muscle soreness. By strengthening our bodily joints via stretching, we are also fixing our posture and the way we balance ourselves physically which can have tremendously positive effects on our daily day-to-day activities.

The Long run

Stretching is ideal for our bodies in the long run. As we grow older, our joints become less flexible and having inflexibility in our muscles can make it extremely difficult for us to perform our everyday duties. Duties such as walking, raising our hands above our heads, quick body movements such as turning our heads while driving, etc. As you stretch and loosen up one part of the body, some other parts loosen up to, making it easy for our muscles to carry out the tasks that it needs to.

If you don’t have stretching in your daily routine, it is now time to add it in there. The benefits will last you for a lifetime, and your body will thank you when you are older. If you stretch occasionally then the impact will be short-lived but by stretching every day, we are extending the lifetime and functionality of our muscles, body and health to its full potential.   

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