What is a Calorie Deficit?

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges faced by people all over the world. With obesity being a deadly disease and very common, we need to normalize and spread the basic understanding of nutrition values and what it takes to maintain a healthy body. The best way to lose weight is to achieve a calorie deficit but before doing so, it is important to understand what it is first.

The Basics

Understanding how to balance calorie intake is the key. Our bodies need a specific number of calories in order to perform certain functions such as breathing, metabolizing our food and giving us energy to perform daily activities. If we take in more calories than our body needs, it results in our bodies gaining weight which is known as a calorie surplus. But if we provide our bodies with less calories than it needs, it will result in weight loss which puts our body into calorie deficit.

How to Achieve Calorie Deficit

A great way to achieve this level of dietary need is by monitoring what we consume and how much. There are certain apps through which you can track your calorie intake, how much calories are needed daily and your progress as well. While that can become tedious, an easy way to achieve calorie deficit is by increasing the number of calories you burn so it can outnumber the number of calories being provided to the body. A simple way of doing that is by working out or by indulging in activities that require a lot of physical movement. Understanding how this system of calorie intake works can be very beneficial and valuable, especially to those that are looking to lose weight and feel better.

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