5 Ways Being Outdoors May Improve Your Health

Do you feel better after spending time outdoors? There’s a reason for it. Research shows that spending time outdoors can lead to significant health benefits. Most people enjoy the fresh air, and studies also show that walking in the woods can improve blood pressure, boost mental health, and decrease cancer risk. It feels easier to exercise outside, doesn’t it? Walking in pleasant surroundings doesn’t really feel like exercise.

Here are 5 ways being outdoors impacts health and well-being.

Improves Mental Health and Boosts Energy

One study shows evidence that all the green around us helps boosts energy. Cyclists were asked to pedal in front of green, grey, and red video footage. Researchers found that the bikers who exercised in front of the green reported feeling less physical exertion. Their moods were more positive. This may indicate that grass, trees, and plants might add a psychological energy boost to a workout and why just looking at trees lowers blood pressure and reduces stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Natural Sunlight Vitamin D

Our bodies require vitamin D to absorb the calcium needed to build and maintain healthy bones. Does this mean we need to sunbathe for hours? No. In fact that is not good for us. Sun exposure is the most important natural source of vitamin D, however, short periods of sun exposure can usually allow our bodies to produce all we need for the day. The body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we're outside. It is believed that most of us should be able to get all the vitamin D we need from sunlight between late March to the end of September. 

Boosts Immune System and Aids in Healing

Researchers have also discovered being outside, and sunlight in particular helps us heal quicker from illnesses. For example, if you have surgery, it can be painful and stressful. Stress slows healing down. Researchers have discovered that in patients who spend time outdoors during their recovery had fewer complications. They required less pain medication and their hospital says were shorter than patients who spent no time outdoors.

The benefits of the natural greenery around us is supported by scientists who say that breathing in airborne chemicals produced by plants increases our levels of white blood cells. This also helps us fight off infections and disease.

Enhances Creativity

Are you an artist or a writer? You may be interested to know that psychologists found that backpackers scored 50 percent higher on creativity tests after spending a few days outdoors without their electronics. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, or having trouble thinking up new designs, you might want to ditch your cell phone or laptop for a few days.

Being Outside Helps Battle Insomnia

For those who experience sleep difficulties, being outdoors and performing outdoor activities helps to relax us. We tend to sleep better, even after just spending the day outside, sitting in a park or on the beach. The Journal of Aging and Health says adults over 70 who spend time outdoors not only experience fewer sleep difficulties but also complain less about aches and pains. 

One Love Remedy™ shares a deep love for the outdoors. Any chance we get you can find us exploring nature and all its miracles. There is so much beauty around us, and we want to help take care of it. 

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